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With us you will find the expertise, professionalism and passion to excel in your career, with our ever growing team of professionals. What we look in our candidates:

  • Minimum educational requirement is Bachelor Degree in Aviation Business Administration. Masters Preferred

  • Analyze, formulate & implement marketing, financial / strategic management policy to maximize profits

  • Must have strong analytical skills and quantitative knowledge in aviation economics, aviation marketing, aviation management & finance, accounting and statistics

  • Conduct domestic & international aviation market research

  • Develop aviation marketing services to foreign airlines and operators

  • Provide expert consultation for customers over all aviation supply/repair needs

  • Devise aircraft & engine parts acquisition strategies

  • Improve supply chain by strengthening links with FAA repair stations, OEM's

  • Implementing promotional strategies, inventory management, operational effectiveness for optimum resource allocation, quality control and solution of organizational problems



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